Work in Progress

I have a few projects with looming deadlines. I get distracted if there are multiple pieces on my design wall.  Because of that, I wanted to clear off a work in progress that doesn't have a "due by" date.  Besides, all my cut pieces were all over my sewing table.

My goal is to create the feel of ocean waves with the colors and the piecing.  I first wrote about this project here, last October.  Yes, I know; it hasn't moved for months.  (That's a solid clue to how busy I've been with other things.)  This past week, Foam (working title) got some TLC.   I've finished the segments that will make up the larger panels.  But now I don't know.  Do you think the bottom panel looks busier?  Choppier?  I'm inclined to rearrange some of the segments.  What do you think?

"Foam", a work in progress