Letter Writing

My youngest is spending the next three months in Wyoming.  She's working as the infirmary assistant at a backpacking / riding / outdoor camp.  She won't return until three days before she has to move back into her college dorm.  

I know she's going to have fun.  The camp has permits that allow them to pack trip, hike and climb in the Tetons and in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  I wonder if she's going to learn how to make splints out of branches or how to treat the flu with plants from the forest.  I know she had three days of wilderness first aid training coming up.....

because the camp is in the middle of nowhere.  There's no cell service or WiFi in camp.  That means, old school communications. Old school = snail mail.  I'm prepping for lots of letter writing.

I'm not like a prolific letter writer like Thomas Jefferson or John Adams, both of whose letters were rich and poetic.

Thomas Jefferson Letter to Reverend John Barrow, May1, 1815
Image from University of Cincinnati digital library
No, my letters are very dull by comparison.  I mean, how often can I engage my daughter talking about the basil in my garden?  How can I write lyrically about the daily turf war raging between me and the resident chipmunk family?  Nor do I think The Youngest wants to hear about hot flashes, my deep thoughts about politics and culture, or the themes from the latest book I read.  

Enter the postcard.  I can write snippets and send them off.  They'll be far more entertaining for her than a tome about mulching or dog walking.  And, with this nifty product I found, I can customize each card.  I simply print out one of my pictures on paper, and stick it to the back of the adhesive, pre-printed postcard.  

Look how some of them turned out!  I admit that I took a little memory joy-ride as I was sifting through my albums, finding good pictures to print.

I think they'll also be fun for her to receive.  I'll probably still make a few fabric cards, but these are so quick and easy.  I can probably make and send a few each week.  I managed to get my first off today.  I have lots more to make, to get her through the entire summer.  What do you think; shall I make a card with this picture? 

Too much?  Probably.

All that aside, I do enjoy writing letters and would like to do so more frequently.  It's fun to get something beside junk mail and bills in the mail. Anyone want a pen pal?  


Norma Schlager said…
What a great idea! Where did you get the sticky back postcards? And, yes, send that last photo!
Norma Schlager said…
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