Monday, March 28, 2016

News and Then Some

I have an official byline on the KMA blog!  I've been writing for the museum "behind the scenes" for a while but as of last week, all my posts will be identified as being written by Vivien Zepf, KMA Docent Trainer.  Yep, pretty cool.  You can see my most recent post about the shadows found in the exhibition, along with my photos, here.  I hope you'll consider following the museum's blog; the exhibitions are really exciting and I think the blog content is an interesting and informative addition to the museum experience.  Here's one of my post pictures to whet your appetite.  Intrigued?  I hope so.

View from above of Paul Villinsky's life-sized, Self Portrait
I spent last week on the road, looking at colleges with my youngest.  Unlike most schools, hers doesn't offer a February break so they can take two weeks off in March.  We drove to locales south of New York and got a glimpses of spring in the array of blossoms decorating the campus lawns.  It was wonderful.

We savored some great food -- oh how I wish this pizza joint was in my neighborhood!

I was even given the opportunity to touch a Rodin. Yes, a REAL Rodin!

We're continuing the visits this week; however, we flew to our first stop and are driving from here on out.  By Friday I'll have driven 2,000+ miles in two weeks.  It's amazing to see this wonderful land we live in and to share it with my daughter during a pretty special time in her life.

Good times.....