Friday, February 12, 2016

A Nice Souvenir

At the close of every exhibition, the museum staff boxes up the "extras" for storage, the leftover brochures, catalogs, and postcards, along with the educational materials that were developed for the show.  

As docent trainer, I developed a self-guided tour for SupraEnvironmental so that museum-goers unable to participate in a tour could get some additional background on the artists and art, and mull over some thought-prompts.

Now that the exhibition is over, the staff offered to let me take one home.  Oh yeah!  It's fun to see it again, to think of all the prep work that goes into a museum visitor experience, to re-read my work, and to reflect on the overall exhibition.  I'm also thrilled to have a meaningful keepsake. Yep, I think it's all pretty cool.


Maria Shell said...

I love getting your behind the scenes story about the museum. It is really awesome. Thank you Vivien!

Cindy Green said...

It was so great seeing the exhibit with you back in November and drawing on all your facts and info! You are a fun and knowledgeable guide! Enjoy your souvenir!

Norma Schlager said...

One of these days I will get to see you as a docent. I'm sure you are fabulous!