Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I kinda get it now... how hard it is to juggle parenting, home responsibilities, art, and the demands of a part time job.  Well, I don't technically have a part time job, but I've been spending about 20 hours a week working for the museum so I think my experience is somewhat similar.

I've been trying to figure out how to manage my schedule and clearly some things have fallen through the cracks, like my blog. (Sorry, I didn't realize it's been a month since I posted!)  But, I'm determined to find a way to make it all work.  I know I can do it.  So, here's a quick update to get back on track:

1) BIG NEWS:  I'm participating in two exhibitions, one in May and another in June!  More details to follow.

2) Volunteering / working at the museum has been so cool.  To name two highlights: I was able to help the artist with his installation and I'm writing the museum's exhibition blog (!).  Posts are published weekly so head here to read what's up.

A view of Chris Larson's full-scale replica of Edward Larrabee Barnes's home,
built around the trees in the KMA's sculpture garden.  I helped paint it.

3) Leading tours at the KMA has been immensely fun and immensely satisfying. I've met an amazing array of people from a former art administrator at the Met to an architect who worked with Bauhaus great, Marcel Breuer.  I'm not certain I'd have had another opportunity to meet such fascinating folk.

4) I finished my sister's estate taxes.  Lesson learned: Turbo Tax does not allow you to file estate taxes  electronically.  Don't go through the whole process like I did, and then discover at the end that it was all for naught.  ( I filed a complaint because the system asks at the beginning if the taxes are being prepared on behalf of someone who's deceased and only tells you the taxes can't be submitted online after you've paid.)

5) After Easter I drove my daughter back to school in Indiana, then flew back home -- all in one day.  An amazing testament to modern travel.

6) And, I finally found time to slip into the studio.  I'd been away so long that I was worried I'd lost my mojo, so I started small.  I found a chair that I'd stitched ages ago, spent an inordinate amount of time burying threads (what a tedious job!), quickly stitched some big daisies around it, and completed the look with watercolor crayons.  Spring must have influenced me.  Here's Retro-Daisy Chair, mounted on a 5" x 5" canvas:

Voila!  That's it for the summary tour and now we're all caught up and ready to move forward!

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