Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coasters, Coasters, Coasters

I recently received some Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) to play with from C&T Publishing.  The one criteria: make something for the home, as opposed to a piece of art.

My idea: make coasters that look like my surface designed cloth, but actually made with TAP so they'd be water and stain-resistant.  It would also keep my fabric available for fiber projects.  

The whole thing worked like a charm.  Here's a quick look at the process:

Step 1:  I selected four different pieces of surface designed cloth from my stash.  I simply put sections of the fabric onto my printer and printed the images onto two sheets of TAP.  (TAP is 8 1/2" x 11", so I cut 5 1/2" squares of fabric.)

The original fabric's on the left and the TAP "print" is on the right
This set didn't print out correctly color-wise, but that was my fault; I needed to replace the color ink cartridge.
But I liked the look enough to continue. (Fabric's on the right; TAP on the left.)

Step 2: Following the TAP instructions, I transferred the TAP images onto a piece of muslin using my iron.  These were going to be my coasters.

TAP transfers on muslin

Step 3: I fused my round coaster shape onto the back of each TAP image, cut them out, and fused them onto individual interfacing squares I had already backed with velvet.  I then stitched around the edges to more securely attach the TAP to the coaster form.  I find it easier to stitch around the circles when it's on a larger square -- this trick seems gives me more accurate handling ability.

Getting ready to stitch around the edges
Step 4: After doubling stitching around the edges, I cut out the circles and painted the edges to be sure nothing frayed.  You can see the finished edge here.  I think it's the final touch to make these coasters both serviceable and nice-looking.  Garments made with TAP are machine washable (inside out); to be extra sure these were safe, I sprayed each coaster with polyurethane to water-proof the surface.

I chose color-coordinating edge colors

And here's the final set!

I'm really happy with them and look forward to using them.  My youngest said she wants a set for herself when she gets her own apartment -- in about 5 years -- so I have plenty of time.

P.S. C&T is hosting a "contest" of sorts: the artist with the most re-pins of their TAP projects wins a big goodie-basket.  If you're inclined to support my project, please go to my TAP to WIN Pinterest board and re-pin my coaster project.  Thanks!


Norma Schlager said...

These are very cool! Thanks for the demo. I haven't tried TAP yet, but these are tempting.

Cindy Green said...

Ditto what Norma said about TAP. These look great! Will repin!