Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Here's Something New

On Wednesday I wrote that I had some fast approaching deadlines.  One of them was for the group CLAW.  CLAW is a group of about 20 artists and we make quilts based on challenges set by the group moderator, Karen Musgrave.  The work on my most recent quilt -- due Saturday -- was delayed because of my fractured tailbone and then my sister's passing.  However, I got it done just in time.

This most recent challenge was called Twenty Words.  Each of us selected a different word from the list and created a piece that somehow spoke to our interpretation of that word.  I chose "connect" and decided to return to one of my favorite motifs: hands.  Here's a picture of my piece, titled "Your Choice",  along with the statement.

Your Choice,  © Vivien Zepf, 2014

In today’s world of ubiquitous high-speed telecommunications, many people feel that we’re more connected than ever, but are we? 

More and more people rely on texts and emails to communicate, opting for the impersonal connection of the computer to avoid difficult phone calls and/or face-to-face meetings.  Pushing away from personal connections seems more prevalent than personal efforts to talk and reach out.

Are we better off?  It’s your choice.

I thread sketched and then filled in the images with water soluble crayons. I need to do a bit of work before I feel more confident with my watercolor skills,  the blending is a bit blotchy, but it's not so bad that I can't exhibit the work.  If I had had more time I might have redone the sketches and selected the better one, but that was not an option.   Still, I think the combination of the images and the statement are enough this time around and I'm pleased with this effort.  I've received some interesting feedback and critique from friends and I might explore this concept further, using their ideas and suggestions as jumping off points.

Detail, Your Choice, 2014
I think the blending worked better on the smaller area of the hands than the larger arms.

It feels so good to have something new completed; there are more items on my short term to-do list so stay tuned.  I've also caught the organization bug (I seem to catch that every year).  I have ideas about small changes that might help make time in my studio run a little more smoothly.  I've already implemented a small change: I hung my scissors on the wall behind my table.  That might seem insignificant, but I did a little jig when I did it.  It solves the problem of my overflowing supplies box and makes everything easier to find.   I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before.  And now, too, I'll know if anyone is borrowing my scissors. Egad!  Not my fabric scissors....!  

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Karen L R said...

Hands are so fascinating. Love this piece and the questions it provokes.