Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Stranger's Challenge - Part III

Out of the desire to experiment came a pair of new small works.  I've had two 8" x 8" canvases on my shelves for years, so I thought it was time to take them down and play with them a bit.  For some reason, I felt the canvases were the perfect place for me to explore a new chair shape.

Blue Chair with Tea

Blue Chair in Bermuda
I began each canvas with a light spritz of teal spray paint and some light blue bubble wrap printed circles.  Blue Chair with Tea has an colored pencil enhanced extravorganza flower and a Kusmi Tea (Paris) label.  Blue Chair in Bermuda has some painted cheesecloth and a pair of used Bermuda stamps. Both of the chairs and the side table were stitched on white PFD fabric, colored with water color crayons and very carefully cut out.  Several times I saw an errant chair leg caught between the scissor blades just moments before I snipped.  

Collage is something that doesn't come too naturally to me, nor do I have a huge stash of ephemera to build upon.  My printer wasn't cooperating or I think I might have added something else -- perhaps a different extravorganza photo? --  to the Bermuda composition.  Perhaps the blue chair should have been bigger?  Still, I like the notion of placing quilting elements atop the canvas; there's a dimensionality that I like.  I also really like my whimsical new blue chair, based on the chair photo I took earlier in the year.  I think this all merits a bit more exploration, though I'd love your thoughts / critique on how I could have improved the compositions.


Natalya Aikens said...

these are lovely, I want to see more!

norma said...

I love your new blue chair design, however I think the chair could have been bigger in Blue Chair in Bermuda. I think Blue Chair With Tea is perfect! I, too, want to see more.