Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Planning

I planted tomatoes, basil and rosemary yesterday.  Tomorrow I'm finishing the vegetable garden with parsley and zucchini, and making a "rainbow garden" (as my daughter calls it) with zinnias, cosmos, and gerber daisies.  With a bit of planning and work, I'll be able to enjoy the colors and flavors of my garden in the coming months.

I decided to do a bit of advance planning for my quilting, too.  I created a spreadsheet populated with projects and target completion dates for the next three months.  To be clear, I  don't want to get caught up in timelines; I think that might be stifling to creativity and spontaneity. But I've come to realize that I'm very deadline driven when it comes to my art.  I'm hoping that a tangible timeline will help me prioritize my creative time around some special family activities we have planned, and help me be more productive in the studio. Aside from the fun of it,  I can see a few art benefits from this approach: more time in the studio > the creation of more artwork > my further development as an artist > a stronger and more personal body of artwork that might be suitable to submit to exhibitions.

I'm calling that my summer planning cascade theory.

I've printed out my spreadsheet and put it on a clipboard, along with relevant calls for entry.  I've hung it on the design wall in my studio so I'll see it every time I walk into the room and I won't ever have to wonder where I put it.  My ironing board faces the design wall so I'll see my timeline every time I iron, whether to smooth out wrinkles on my husband's shirt or to heat set some colors.  A gentle, but in-your-face, reminder.

 Do you have any plans for your art this summer?


yarngoddess said...

Basil is the best!
Please keep us informed on your planning spreadsheet - how it works for you, the column headings, what modifications you make as you use it. I need something like that but am at a loss where to start.


Cindy Green said...

Yes, I'd love to see a sample too - been meaning to do something like this myself. Also, might I ask what shows you're entering? I've been gardening myself, but leaving the indoor stuff for another day...

Vivien Zepf said...

I'll keep you posted about my spreadsheet and let you know if and how it worked for me.