Going to California Without Me

Yesterday, my husband flew with our youngest daughter to California.  He has business to conduct out there and she is going to be backpacking, hiking, and kayaking in various wilds of the state with a small group.  I'm so happy for her; this is going to be such a great experience. 

Because they're going to be traveling about, my daughter will only be able to get mail once during her two week trip.  Care packages can't be sent (no fun wrestling a mountain lion over chocolate chip cookies), but letters are welcome.  I've sent off three postcards.  One is a souvenir from the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit viewed on Thursday.  While there were some things that would have made her uncomfortable to see, I'm sure the flower dress, Sarabande, would have been one of her favorites.  (There will be more on the exhibit at a later date, after I have had time to thoroughly absorb my impressions and what I've learned through the catalog.)  The other two are quick fabric cards made using a combination of patterns available in A Forest of Quilts, by Terrie Kralik.  These aren't typical of what I do, but having something already drawn cut down on production time and I didn't have a lot to spare -- as a result, they were a perfect fit.

Now, off to finish some chores, then to the studio to work.  I'm hoping to share some thoughts on a new direction soon (tried and true, but new for me).


norma said…
These are really sweet! I'm sure she'll be so glad to get them