Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Few Final Chores

The Christmas trees have already been taken out and just a few house decorations remain to be put away.   I admit to feeling a little bittersweet as I return things to the closet.   This marks the end to a fun and full season.

However, as soon as all the household chores are taken care of, it's back to art.  Until then, here's one of my favorite recent photographs.  This bike was by the trash, but frozen in place.   When it thaws, I'm going to try to rescue it!


Michigoose said...

Maybe you should tag it..."Property of Vivien Zepf once it thaws.... I hope you score it if ONLY for a lawn ornament...I think you might find a lighter version more comfortable to ride.

Kristin L said...

I used to cruise around our village on a similar bike. Love the Women's frame -- so practical in street clothes. I don't ride enough anymore -- now any ride entails lots of uphill riding in high heat and humidity. I'm a wimp that way.