Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's HOT!

As it is elsewhere, it's hot here. We're flirting with the heat record and I'll bet we're going to beat it. Since it's so hot outside and the temps are creeping up inside our house (the AC is out), we're doing all we can to imitate dogs down South: lying around, moving only when necessary, and panting a lot. There NO WAY I'm cooking tonight, so thank heavens for the romaine lettuce in the garden; it's salad for dinner tonight. I confess that I'm marveling my benign neglect grew such beautiful lettuce!

My youngest cut her hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (similar to Locks of Love, except that they'll accept 8" of hair, whereas L of L asks for 10" -- my daughter straightened her wavy/curly hair and cut off 9") and now she has the added benefit of staying cool. Her hair is so thick it looks like it came from a bunch of girls.

I'm not heading up to my studio yet -- that's in the attic, hot air rises and all that jazz -- but I did get out earlier this morning to walk the dog, do some yard work and take my picture for today. I'm pretty sure this is a pink-edged sulphur. I wasn't quick enough this morning to catch the Painted Lady with my camera; I guess I was already in my slug mode.

Now, here's hoping the HVAC man comes in the morning.


Cindy said...

Wow! That is a lot of hair! Good for her! And the cooling factor is huge, I find (although she may be colder come winter!... that's right, just keep thinking cool thoughts - snow, ice, aaahhh!). Love the lettuce too! How cool is that!

vivian said...

Sorry your AC is out-you guys really need it this week!

wlstarn said...

Ah, yes, the a/c always goes out on the hottest 3 day weekend of the year. Ask me how I know. Been there, done that, I think twice now.

Ginger said...

Viv - Please give her a hug from her friends in Kansas. The fact that she's laid up and still thinking about others that can use her beautiful hair is just fabulous. You've done a such a great job with those kids.

Natalya Aikens said...

wow...a heat wave here too... sure hope your AC is fixed by now!! good job by M and can't wait to see her new do!