Thursday, May 6, 2010

Handprint #2

Well, it's done -- the piece I've been working on for our upcoming Fiber Arts NorthEast exhibit. I like the concept, but the jury's still out on the final look. I was having a lot of trouble with the composition so I dashed over to Natalya's house for suggestions. As I laid out what I was working on, Natalya saw it from the side -- well, to her it seemed right side up, but I had thought it was sideways. We both agreed that looking at it from her angle made the piece look better. Who knew that turning things in a new direction could make such a difference? I'm going to have to keep that trick in mind.

In any event, the piece is done and ready to be mounted onto the exhibit canvas. I'm not sure I like the way the hand turned out, but I invested too much time in it to completely scrap it. I also think this would look better as a rectangular piece, but I didn't think that was conducive to the square exhibit canvas. But, this has given me some new ideas and I hope I have time to pursue them.

Handprint #2: 12.5" x 12.5"; paper fabric made from newspaper


Beena said...

I like it very, very much. The only thing I would have added was a dark chunky border for framing. A gorgeous piece needs a frame!

wlstarn said...

looks like maybe the hand of God or that idea getting ready to destroy a city. Hopefully, not what's left of New Orleans. The news lately has left me wondering what's going on. Too many disasters in the past couple of months. Aside from my gloomy interpretation, I like it. I do think the composition is strongest in that direction.

Natalya Aikens said...

good strong piece. now you need to explore the possibilities.

Lori said...

I agree with Nat, really powerful piece. I think its cool, it made me stop and look at it for awhile.
I like it alot

norma said...

Yes, I like it , too. Funny how sometimes another's critical eye is so helpful. I also have made more than one piece that was intended to go one way and then ended up in a different orientation and looked better.