Friday, May 14, 2010

Great Art Right Under My Nose

Yesterday evening, I went to our high school to view the district-wide art show. My attendance was mandatory because my youngest was playing flute at the reception and my oldest daughter, who takes photography, had to go to the show or write an essay. I also needed to go because both girls had artwork selected to be in the exhibit.

As it turns out, I should have gone whether my children were in the show or not. It was absolutely incredible. One gym was filled with the art from the "regular classes". The presentation was organized by theme. Moveable screens were covered in photography and graphic design assignments. Tables were laden with sculptures and plaster figures. Painting, drawings and sketches hung all around on the walls. Another room was set aside for the AP students. Here, each student had a 6' x 4' screen to cover with selected pieces, along with a statement about what art has meant to them. Each was a cohesive mini-exhibit within the screen and they were all marvelous.

It was lucky I had a child to pick up or I would have wandered this exhibit for hours; I was so enraptured. It was electrifying to see and hear through art, the voices of all these young people. Their perception of the world -- the way they look at details -- all of it was very exciting. I strongly urge you all to go to your local high school's art exhibits. You just might be as amazed and invigorated as I was.

Detail from "Self Portrait"; charcoal drawing on craft paper, student name withheld


Natalya Aikens said...

cool drawing! when do we get you see your girls drawings?

norma said...

I echo Natalya.

At the JFK HIgh School where we have our guild meeting, they had an art exhibit on display a couple of months ago and some of the work was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I would Never have thought that!! and I just passed up on going to one very close to me....Now i'm wondering what goodies did I miss!