Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art Class at Home

Since I couldn't go to my charcoal class today, I decided to try a little drawing at home. I had a very ready, willing and able model in my daughter, who was happy not to move from her lounging, recuperative position. After a few quick draws to get into the zone (including one hand drawing that looked remarkably like a potato), I did a twenty minute sketch. Here's the result:

Again, there were clothes to contend with but the "model's" position made it a lot easier just to color it all in. This daughter has dark brown hair so I had a little dilemma trying to figure out how to differentiate between the two dark surfaces. I used the blending pencil on her shirt and I was surprised to discover how much it helped. I was sketching with the pad in my lap and made more smudges than I can count. I can't totally complain because one fortuitous smudge helped me form her nose. But, I do know now why it's so much better to use an easel when drawing with charcoal: you're less likely to rest your hand on your drawing and smudge your work. I know, I know, that's self-evident but I hadn't figured it out yet. I also think that I naturally pressed harder with the charcoal given the position the pad was in. It's interesting to note how position forces and/or changes your technique as you draw. At any rate, I'm reasonably pleased with this sketch. If it looks like a napping girl to you, then I can't ask for any more at this point.

My daughter wanted a turn drawing as well, so she used an "Ugly Doll" named Trunko as her model. Believe it or not, this is a pretty accurate rendition. The "G" in the corner stands for "The Big Germ" -- my daughter's self-assigned name for herself at the moment. HA!

Thanks for your feedback on the deer and crow picture. I agree with all of you; I think the picture is out of balance. However, when some friends saw the picture they thought it was cool. Perhaps I was missing something -- since I didn't agree -- and thought I'd throw it out there for your thoughts. You confirmed my feelings. Thanks!


Judy Alexander said...

Your drawing class sounds like so much fun! Hope your daughter is feeling better and you did a great job with this sketch.

Beena said...

Your sketch looks great! I hope your daughter is starting to feel better!

If you are working with charcoal or conte crayon, having a box of wipes handy beside you is one way to minimize the smudging. Periodically check yourself, wipe your arm/hand as needed, then toss the wipe. Some people use a bar like device to rest their hand on while drawing...I have never tried one, though, so couldn't recommend it one way or the other.

Karen L R said...

sending healing energies to your house! looks like you are all making the best of the situation.