Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sewer Art

My eldest daughter is in Ecuador; my son is at an out-of-state baseball tournament; my husband is in a golfing tournament. That leaves my youngest and I at home to celebrate the Fourth. We're keeping it low-key and doing fun things that we girls like to do: jumping rope, baking muffins, eating popcorn while watching movies, and making ART!

I've been spying the sewer cover in the road by our driveway for quite a while and today I finally had a chance to play with it. My daughter and I took some fabric squares and oil paint sticks to rub over the surface. Even though we had the same colors at our disposal and the same sewer to work with, our art turned out very differently. My daughter used both the sewer cover and the road surface to create her texture. I think hers will make a great whole cloth little wall hanging. I love the bumpiness that the asphalt gave the rubbing. I think I'm going to borrow that on my next sewer piece.

Mine is just an abstract with the squares of the cover, along with random letters and numbers. I think I can use this as a piece of background fabric.

This is something we're going to do again sometime soon and we'll post the results when we do. In the meantime, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!


norma said...

What fun to have a daughter who likes to do art with you. Your results are cool. Carolyn and I were looking at things today on our morning walk with an eye for good macro shots. I want to photograph the road surface, but I know the neighbors would think I'm crazy with my camera to to ground.

Judy Alexander said...

What a fun project to do with your have to start them early so they can really appreciate art. My Dad painted with oils and pastels and taught me how to draw when I was young and it is still one of my fondest memories.