Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On Assignment

I'm lucky enough to be part of a fiber arts group with Jane Davila at the helm. We meet once a month to discuss topics of interest to the group, ranging from rejection letters to how to take good pictures of our art. We also have "projects", for lack of a better word. Earlier this year, we worked together to mount a group exhibit. Last week, Jane tasked us with taking macro photographs -- for what end, I don't know. But this is certainly an assignment I can sink my teeth into. I'm hoping to post some of my macro shots periodically throughout the summer. Here's a start to my collection of close-ups. Can you guess what they are?

Another nice benefit of the group is the opportunity for critique. I brought along my flower piece for feedback. The consensus was that the flower outline needed to be darker. I didn't have thicker thread to use as some members had suggested, so I went over the outline a few times as Jane recommended. Melanie liked the hand stitching, but urged me to do some in contrasting thread elsewhere on the piece. I thought that was a good idea and the yellow lines behind the flower and in the lower left hand corner are the result. Now, I think I'm done.


norma said...

At first I thought the first one was corn flakes, but when I looked closer I could see that it is the stamens on a flower. Great shot! The other two are flower parts, too, I think.
I like what you've done with the flower quilt and it does look "done"

Vivian said...

The little flower quilt benifits from the stitching at the bottom. In a subtle way it 'grounds' the piece.
I enjoy your macro photography. I also like to get 'up close and personal' with flowers & bugs.
I looked for the Quilting Arts magazine your piece is in and couldn't find the magazine ... it came when we were travelling. I'll continue to search.
You are right that family ties are important. My daughter has now decided as an adult to be closer and it feels good!