Speeding past Sculpture

My in-laws were in town for my nephew's baptism.  The day of the event looked ominous, but turned out grand.

An ominous sky on the way to New Jersey
The day after was hot, humid, and filled with ....  no plans.  We had to get out of the house.  I mean, there's only so long we can sit and watch golf together.   But what to do when the weather is like boiling soup outside?

We went to Pepsi Headquarters to walk through the sculpture garden.

But here's the thing.  Not everyone wanted to look at the sculptures.  My in-laws wanted to look at the specimen plantings.  My husband wanted to use this as an opportunity to get in some exercise and he walked as fast as most people jog. My brother-in-law wanted to talk so he spent the whole time walking backwards. My niece bailed.  My daughter just wanted to stay in the shade and get home as quickly as possible.

I wanted to look at the art and the flowers.

Everyone was relatively patient (a subjective term) at the lily pond because everyone wanted a picture of the dragonflies and frogs.  I managed that.

A Blue Dasher on a lily bud
Two-toned frog
But they were practically speed walking between the sculptures.  I only managed to snap these pictures before I was summoned to hurry and catch up.

Joan Miro, "Personnage"
Foreground: Alexander Calder, "Hats Off"
Background: David Wynne, "Grizzly Bear"
Louise Nevelson, "Celebration"
Max Ernst, "Capricorn

There's so much to see and think about.  I missed the two Giacometti sculpture. Another trip is in order.  Alone or with a sympathetic partner. Who doesn't mind lingering.  Or who waits patiently as I lay on the ground to take pictures of frogs.