A Better World exhibition

I've had to keep this work under wraps until the jurying was complete but now I can share.  I'm honored and thrilled to announce that my piece, Wonder and Humility, has been juried into the A Better World exhibition that will debut with 39 other pieces at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall.  .

Wonder and Humility, 30" x 50"
© Vivien Zepf, 2019
Invited artists were asked to create work to raise awareness of heroes, famous or unsung, who have made our world a better place. My piece honors Rachel Carson, ecologist and author, who penned lyrical books about ocean life and also wrote Silent Spring, the book that spurned the grassroots movement to ban DDT. 

Hand stitched detail, Wonder and Humility

Why the title?  Well, Rachel Carson shared her love of the environment in each of the books she wrote.  She challenged us to engage with our world with “wonder and humility”,  believing that, if we did, we would be less likely to try to dominate nature. 

I'm so excited!  What's happening in your world right now?


Karen L R said…
I read Silent Spring for a book report when I was in the 7th grade. It blew me away. I LOVE this quilt and am delighted to hear that it will hang in Houston! Huge congratulations, Vivien. xo
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Viv! Ging