Take Two

I was pretty excited as I drew the pattern for a new quilt I wanted to make, using a photograph I'd taken of monarch butterfly caterpillars.

When I finished drawing,  I thought it looked good.

And then I realized I'd drawn something that couldn't be constructed. Or, I should say, I couldn't figure out a way to put it together.

I was pretty disappointed.   I stewed about it for a while.

I still wanted to make the quilt, but figured I needed a different approach.  So I've started again, this time, though, without a definite plan in mind.  You do realize that I usually have a firm grasp on what I want to create before I start, so this is quite a departure for me.

Now I have caterpillar-like strips climbing up my design wall.

I wonder if I could make this as a strip-pieced quilt.   We'll see if my creative mind can come up with a way to interpret this organic scene with straight lines and sharp edges.  Might be fun. Stay tuned.


Karen L R said…
YES! I love this! Embrace the uncertainty! xo
Norma Schlager said…
I love your catapillars and wait to see what you do with them.