Saturday, March 31, 2018

Collaborative Quilt Project

I forgot to tell you I was participating in a collaborative quilt project!

A month and a half ago, I posed some questions regarding collaborative work on a post on the online forum, QuiltArt.  The next thing I knew, I was part of a group of artists responding to the prompt, "half".

Each participant was tasked with creating a piece that would be sent on to another group member to finish.  The goal: make something that somehow responded to the prompt, but that also left room for creativity from the second participant.

The organizer, Cynthia Busc-Snyder, sent everyone a packet of muslin, black fabric, and hand-dyes to get started.  I gathered scraps to complement the hand-dyes.  I intended to make a composition that would take up half the available (geometric) area of the 10" x 10" canvas the final pieces would be mounted onto.

Lovely, lovely scraps

Next, I started to piece the strips together.  I've made other quilts with sections of slightly wonky strips, and I enjoy the process.  I cut my groupings into 2- and 4- inch sections.  That seemed the most manageable size.

Measure twice, cut once
I arranged, and rearranged until a composition finally emerged.

Working through the composition.  Almost there

I stitched the segments  together once I liked the layout.   I didn't want to frame it in plain muslin, so I spritzed the background with some gold and bronze metallic misty paint.  Voila!  A finished "half" that left enough space for my partner to work with.

Fiddlesticks, now in the hands of another.  What will happen to it?

Here's what my partner received. (Her lighting is better in the picture than what I had.)  I've called the piece, Fiddlesticks, in part because I didn't account for all the seams correctly, so the finished size was smaller than what I had planned. Hmmm.  I thought the composition might look like a Pick-up-Sticks kind of game -- wasn't there something called Fiddlesticks out there? --  but I didn't immediately find anything like that.  What I DID find out is that a fiddlestick is a traditional percussion instrument that allows two people to play the fiddle at the same time.  COOL!  That seemed a perfect pairing to my initial "oh rats" sentiment.

Next up: waiting for the composition someone else has made that I get to manipulate and complete.  (We don't have the same partners for our first and second "parts.)  That should arrive soon and I'm intrigued by the challenge.  I'll keep you posted on the final reveal on both of my "half"s.

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