A New Exhibition at the KMA

Today I stopped by the Katonah Museum of Art to pick up my docent materials.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay long, but I did dash about taking a few picture of the new exhibit: OnSite Katonah.  The exhibition has eight site-specific installations that complement and speak to the museum's physical landscape, both indoors and out.  In other words, these installations appear throughout the KMA campus, which makes for a special kind of visit. 

Detail, Grimanesa Amoros, Light Between The Islands, 2013

Detail, Caleb Nussear, r~mr #1, 2016

Detail, Caleb Nussear, tall, 2016

Detail of multiple elements of Caitlin Masley, Neo-habitat (after the modernists), 2016

MaDora Fey, #6250, 2016

Visitor work in the Learning Center
Yep, totally cool!  More pictures and info to come.  If you're on social media, look out for posts with the #OnSiteKatonah hashtag.