Saturday, September 19, 2015

Crunch Time is Over

I did it!  I've managed to check a number of things off my very task heavy to-do list.  Here are three:

1) SPUN is done -- In other words, the entry images were prepared, the juror made her selections, the artists were notified, and exhibition paperwork was distributed.  Now we get to sit back and wait for all the fabulous art to come in.  It looks like it's going to be a great show.  I'm so excited!  I hope you'll all be able to come to the opening on October 3, from 6 - 8PM.  If not, stop by Etui FiberArt Gallery anytime from October 3-31 to see the exhibition.

Henrik Håkansson, Untitled (Cocos nucifera)

2) The docent training packet is done -- In other words, I've submitted what I hope is the final draft of my presentation.  I just love jumping off the deep end into intense research.  It's going to be a very cool and thought-provoking exhibition.  The image above is a sampling of what's going to be on display.  Curious?  I hope so.  SupraEnvironmental will be at the Katonah Museum of Art from October 25, 2015 - January 24, 2016.  I'll be leading all the tours the first week so I hope you'll come see and talk about the art.

3) Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art is done -- In other words, I completed all my assignments, final projects and passed my class.  (I'm not sure I told you I was doing this.)  The final project was to create a lesson plan based on a piece of art of our own choosing from any time period or genre.  I'll tell you more in a later post but for now, I'll share with you the artwork I selected for my lesson plan:

Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, 1940, 16" x 24"

I'm excited by all that's been going on and I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio and doing a bit more reading. I read a very good book last week called Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.   It's about childhood, every-day miracles, family, tragedy, and forgiveness.  It was beautifully and engagingly written.  Have you read it?  I recommend it if you haven't; everyone in my book group liked it, too.


Norma Schlager said...

Busy.busy girl! Did you get to see the Frida exhibit at the Botanical Gardens?

Sue Reno said...

Wow, you've been not only busy, but productive!