Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Break

While my husband stays home with our youngest, I'm in CA with our older two children who have a fall break from school.  I never have difficulty finding things to take pictures of; here are some favorites from just the last few days.

The lonely pier at dusk

Sometimes you just have to take the Hallmark card-style picture when you see it.

A redwood tree trunk after the morning fog -- I just love the texture and color

A windy day means lots of wave pictures.  This is one of many.

A bluebird watching wild turkeys

Magical light on a hike

I love vacations with my camera.  My children have become very tolerant of, and somewhat amused by, all my stops and starts for "just one more picture".   It's hardly ever just one more....


Kristin L said...

It shouldn't ever be "just one more" when so many turn out so good! They are all lovely.

Norma Schlager said...

Beautiful shots. Brings back fond memories of that area.

Cindy Green said...

Yes, just gorgeous! Keep shooting!