Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Texture of Water

A few weeks ago I went to see the Morris Museum's Wet & Wild exhibition, a selection of contemporary art quilts from John M Walsh III's collection.  I wanted almost every quilt, if only I had the open wall space (oh, and the funds).  I loved seeing how water was recreated, using all sorts of techniques and textures to portray something fluid.  Here are three of my favorites:

Tim Harding, Surf Swimmers, 1998

Detail, Surf Swimmers, Tim Harding

Rachel Brumer, Describing Rain, 2006

Detail, Describing Rain, Rachel Brumer

Lenore Davis, Florida Surf, 1984-1985

Detail, Florida Surf, Lenore Davis 

It's a shame I didn't write this up in time for you to go to the exhibition; the show closes on December 8th. However, I encourage you to keep an eye out for future art quilt exhibitions at the Morris Museum because each one I've seen there has been lovely.

-- Sorry to have been gone so long from blogging.  A tumble down our fourteen step staircase left me bruised and sore, with a tailbone that took a beating.  For the last several weeks I've been standing, walking, or lying on my side .... sitting is literally a pain in the ____.   Computer work has been out of the question. But(t) I'm on the mend and getting back in the saddle again.  I've missed blogging and am glad to be back.  This week I hope to tackle a little time at my sewing machine.  Woo hoo!


Cindy Green said...

The quilts are awesome, thanks for posting them! So sorry about your injury! Please take care of yourself (sometimes moms forget to do that...) Glad to hear you are almost mended :)

Norma Schlager said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I live in fear of falling down the stairs, especially since I love alone. I hope you're healing nicely.
The quilts you showed are stunning, wish I could have seen them in person. I have seen another Tim Harding quilt in person and it was amazing.