Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kimonos in New York City

If you're in New York City and love fiber, I hope you'll stop by ArtQuilt Gallery NYC  to see Kimono Inspirations.

The "kimonos" in the exhibition were all made by members of Fiberart Northeast, the fiber art group which I am so happy to be a part of.  You may remember that last year, our group made totems as a special exhibition for the Northern Star Quilt Guild (NSQG) show, an annual local quilt show.  This year Jane (Davila), our fearless leader, suggested that we make pieces inspired by the shape of a kimono for NSQG.  Twenty-six members of the group stepped up to the challenge and made all sorts of amazing pieces, ranging from ice-dyed cloth to intricately pieced silk.

Lucky for us, the owners of the ArtQuilt Gallery NYC happened to see the exhibition and expressed interest in having our kimonos hang in their space during August.


This past Saturday, many of our members gathered at the gallery to ooh and ahh over our kimonos in the gallery.  They were hung beautifully and looked absolutely great in the professional lighting and clean space.  We were all so excited!

On the outside, looking in
Looking in from another angle
Checking out some of the kimonos
Top row (artists) from left: Carole Hoffman, Renee Fleuranges Valdes,  Nike Cutsumpas, Nancy Mirman
Bottom Row (artists) from left: Vivien Zepf, Norma Schlager, Barbara Sferra

A sampling of the art
Top row (artists) from left: Nike Cutsumpas, Nancy Mirman
Middle row(artists)  from left: Barbara Sferra, Andrea Shedletsky
Bottom row (artists) from left: Carolyn Spiegal, Donna Chambers
After getting our fill of looking at the work and shopping (the gallery is connected to City Quilter, a quilt and fabric shop), many of us went out to get a bite to eat.  We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.  It was a great end to the day's outing... and I can't believe that I can now put a New York City gallery on my exhibition resume!


Natalya Aikens said...

wish I could have been there! gotta find a way to see it before it closes...

Kristin L said...

Looks great. One of these days I need to get back to NY and visit the gallery (and see you, of course).