Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer's Kiss

You saw my poppies in my previous post, inspired by Francis Thompson's poem, The Poppy. (Read the whole poem here.)  I have a love affair with the poppies that grow in my garden and I can never seem to have enough poppy photos.

Upon reflection, I realize it's probably no surprise that I was inspired by this poem; spring is in the air and the season of the poppy is approaching.  And thus it was, after my failed autumn-inspired piece, that I started work on Summer's Kiss, my new piece for our FANE exhibition, Poetic Fragments.  Aside having to be inspired by a line (or two) of poetry, our artwork also had to be created of more than one part and fit into a 14" square, adhered to an 18" square canvas.  My individual poppies certainly meet that requirement, but I took it a step further and made four separate background pieces.  I was in full watercolor crayon mode and all the fabrics for the piece were created using the crayons.

Summer's Kiss, 14" x 14"

To see this and all the others pieces by members of our group, please go to the Mahopac Public Library Gallery any time from April 28th through May 30th.


norma said...

It's probably a good thing that your original thought was a no-go. This one is wonderful!

Kristin L said...

Charming. I like that you broke up the background too -- that's a nice unexpected turn.

Cindy Green said...

Yes, it's such a happy piece, and those poppies really pop! Beautiful! This show is going to be fantastic!