Museum of Monterey Exhibitions - Part III - Photographs of Jeffrey Becom

Since Before the Moon Appeared: The Painted Legacy of Latin America is the final installment in my description of exhibitions I saw at the Museum of Monterey. Sadly, it's also the exhibition I had the least amount of time to enjoy.  The clock was ticking and I didn't have the opportunity to really appreciate Jeffrey Becom's photography.

Jeffrey Becom is a "local" photographer to the museum; he's from Pacific Grove, a nearby community made famous as a resting spot for migrating monarch butterflies.  Though trained as a painter and an architect, Becom now uses the camera for artistic expression.  Many of his photographs linger on the simple lines of structures that are emboldened by the use of color.   I didn't have time to snap photos in the exhibition, but I was so taken by the color and composition in what I did see that I quickly bought a book of postcards in the gift shop.  The postcard booklet is actually a compilation of some of Becom's images from his book, Mediterranean Color (Abbeville Press).  If you'd like to see some of the images that were in the museum's exhibition, please refer to the Santos y Almas gallery in Becom's website.  In the meantime, here are scanned images from the postcard collection for you to enjoy.  (All blurs and color fluctuations are my fault only.)  Aren't they lovely?  I think Sky Wall is my favorite; what a perfect title, too.

Yellow Wall   Pisa Italy

Green Door   Apricale, Italy

Running Girl   Lagos, Portugal

Sky Wall   Espinho, Portugal


Norma Schlager said…
So beautiful They look like paintings.
Gorgeous! and sky wall is my fave too!