Thursday, January 17, 2013


Here are two things I learned recently about thinking ahead:

1) I never mix just enough paint for what I'm doing.  I ALWAYS mix far more than I need.  Case in point:  the paint for this 7"x 7" fabric square

also covered this 12"x 25" fabric (shown here drying on the stairwell).

LESSON LEARNED:  Always have extra fabric right next to the work station when painting.  That way you don't have to wash your hands, go back to your studio, cut fabric, iron fabric, and bring it back to your work station before the paint dries on the plate.

2) Trying to squeeze in some painting time before the children come home from school isn't necessarily a good idea.  Why?  Because it's the children's chore to feed them when they get home and the dogs get antsy and nudge-y as the clock winds down.

LESSON LEARNED:  Don't do anything that requires any finesse at all (like keeping paint off your clothes) in the company of hungry dogs.


dahlia said...

Though if you try to mix any less paint, if you are anything like me you will go from having several times too much, to not...quite...enough!

Natalya Aikens said...

ha ha!! I can just imagine the circus atmosphere!

Lisa Quintana said...

Hmmm... Tie a paint brush to their tails and let them go at it....only in a fabric covered room. NOT. But it would be fun...

Kristin L said...

Lessons to live by!