Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trying to Concentrate

I have the time to create, but focus has not come along to play.  I'm having a tough time getting things done in the studio, and not for lack of ideas.  Plenty of thoughts are swirling in my brain but I'm having a hard time getting them out onto fabric.

So, I'm doodling -- at  least, I guess you could call it that.  I did Lab 18 from Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists, one line designs.  I don't sketch bicycles too well from memory, as you can plainly see.  I like two of my horse line drawings; the faces are a little funky, but they still look like faces.

Light bulbs stumped me; who would have thought?   The trees are "eh" -- I couldn't figure out how to vary the theme.

I also sketched Bella,  a very willing model so long as she could sleep.  I'm pleased with this one, though I'll confess that this image is my second attempt.

I hope all this means I'll be razor sharp in the studio tomorrow.....


Cindy Green said...

Sketching is good exercise and an excellent choice when you can't seem to commit to a big project. I like the continuous line drawings, especially the faces! Have a great day!

norma said...

These will surely get your creative juices flowing. Great sketch of Bella!