Thursday, January 12, 2012

Textures and Patterns in Patagonia

When I could, I stopped to take pictures during our adventures.  I'll admit that I wasn't taking pictures while we portaged (or scrambled in my case) around some of the more dangerous Class V rapids.  No, I was holding on tight to whatever tree limb, root, or vegetation could slow my slide down the hillside.  In a rather comic turn of events, I got a stick stuck in my butt.  I slipped during one descent and a sharp branch broke through my wetsuit, giving me a good wallop in the backside.  I'm just saying now that it takes something very sharp applied with lots of force to poke through neoprene.    I had to keep hiking and wait until we were on flat ground to remove the half that got stuck inside my suit.  Not fun, but rather funny in the end -- after the shock wore off.   The bruising took a little longer to disappear, unfortunately.

At any rate,  I thought I'd tempt you with some of my favorite texture and pattern pictures today.  Who wants to look at gorgeous mountain scenery all the time anyway?  (Just kidding; I'm just feeling a little sassy at the moment.)

I don't know why I chose to take this last picture in black and white, but I think it really adds to the atmosphere of the shot.  The elements look really stark, don't they?  Reminds me of a crown of thorns.

Tune in next time for ....  flora and fauna, I think.  I may throw in a few pictures of the kids, so be forewarned.  


Natalya Aikens said...

GORGEOUS! even with a sick in your butt...LOL and ouch!

imquilternity said...

Those are wonderful photos! And great inspiration too.

Kristin L said...

I like the prickly armed thing. And your adventure gives new appreciation to the phrase "poked with a sharp stick."