Friday, April 1, 2011

Northeast Regional Contemporary Fiber Exhibition

Today is the opening of the Northeast Regional Contemporary Fiber Exhibition presented by the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) and The Surface Design Association.  Bleu Cease, the Director of RoCo, shared the following in a February 25, 2011 press release:

Our jurors have strong backgrounds and expertise in fiber art and they selected works that will intrigue and challenge viewers.  The pieces range in scale, concept, materials and process.  The artworks in the exhibition also represent a range of artistic voices.  The exhibition will generate a lot of discussion and debate, and that is the kind of dialogue and exchange that Rochester Contemporary Art Center exists to create.

I am thrilled and honored to be one of 22 artists represented in this exhibition of 28 works.

Front and back of exhibition postcard


norma said...

I've been away for the whole month and am just catching up on my blogs. Kudos on your many achievements! Your post on the Red and White quilts made me feel like I was there and I love your Photos du Jour!

wlstarn said...