Sunday, March 27, 2011

Red and White Quilts at the Armory

I had the pleasure of viewing the exhibit, Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts at the Park Avenue Armory on Friday.  From March 25 - March 30, the American Folk Art Museum is showcasing the magnificent 650 red and white quilt collection of Joanna S. Rose.  While viewing 650 quilts may seem onerous and tiring, the presentation conceived by Thinc Design is masterful.  Most of the quilts hang suspended from the ceiling in large stacked circles.  Visitors can walk among the quilts, getting up close and personal with some of these beautiful pieces.  It's like walking through a red and white garden.   In the back of the Armory, quilts hang in a virtual "wall" as a backdrop to the entire exhibit.   The surrounding space of the Armory is dark so that the lighting design can highlight the quilts.  To my eye, all the quilts seem to glow.

This entire exhibit is free of charge -- Mrs. Rose generously donated this to the city as a gift for her 80th birthday -- and only up until March 30th.  I urge you to go see it if you can.


Michigoose said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Vivien! I have been moaning that I no longer live in Connecticut and can't get over to see it! What an amazing collection!

Your shots are great too!

Lisa Q.

Melanie said...

I saw this today (Little Miss Last-Minute, that's me).