Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thoughts on Blogging

Alas, we returned from our trip and within a day, my eldest daughter had an accident that left her in pain, on crutches and with a big boot on her right ankle. Needless to say, her injury has put the brakes on some of our plans. (I sound rather like a broken record, don't I?)

Posting here will likely be sporadic as I help her through her recovery. Until then, I'd like to leave you with an excerpt from a conversation she and I had as the family sipped hot chocolate round a restaurant's fire pit on a brisk day in California.

Daughter: "I don't understand the point of blogging. "

Mom: "I like blogging. I enjoy the interaction. It's like having a conversation."

Daughter: "Ha! Blogging isn't talking to someone. It's talking to yourself and hoping somebody cares."

Yep, nothing like a teen's sharp sense of humor...


shades said...

I often question myself about why I am blogging. Is it because I need the attention? (not that there is too much of that) Is it because I want to start a dialog? (nobody seems to have the time for that these days) or is it JUST BECAUSE?
I think it is the latter. It's a way for me to remember what I was thinking, a willingness to show those thoughts and artworks to others and a touchstone for the things I want to continue to pursue. I am always excited to see other bloggers move forward with their designs, share their lives and post new questions for me to ponder.
Continue your dialog Vivien, talking to yourself helps put it all into perspective.

wlstarn said...

As Snuffleupagus would say, Oh dear! Hasn't this been the third accident now? If bad things come in 3's, I hope that the streak of bad luck is over.
As far as blogging, it's a way to share, both with friends and others. My college friend in MD can see my artwork, and so can my other friends scattered all over the place. When I've got something visual to share, I can post a link on QuiltArt or facebook. I am now managing a blog for my fiber artists group, and the new pages feature is ideal for a member portfolio page, as well as info on upcoming classes, and the minutes from the last meeting. We're from all over the state and only meet 4 times a year, so it's a good way for everyone to be able to stay caught up. (and the price is right, too!)

Cindy said...

I often wonder why I bother blogging too - I don't have much of a readership and get only a few comments here and there, so it must be more for my own personal record, a way that I'm accountable to myself. Sometimes i look back over a year or more and find I'm actually impressed that I had the time and inclination to be so introspective, and then to put it down on virtual paper, with illustrations and everything! It's kind of cool, and bolsters confidence and self-esteem somehow, even if no one else reads it or comments!
So Sorry to hear about your older daughter! I hope at least California was relaxing and restorative for you! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Michigoose said...

I blog because I like to write...and while I know that there are those out there, friends, family and many I've never met, at least I'm sharing with people who often can understand better than my immediate family.

For my Breast Cancer blog, I blog in the hope that I might be able to give others hope, and also to provide a keyhole into the world of a cancer survivor...I only regret that what is happening now isn't quite so positive.

Teenagers....mine is even more blunt than yours, Vivien....I'm really sorry that there's another injury in the house. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I blog because I've always been in love with the idea of a diary but never stuck with one for more than a month. Blogging is so much more than a diary, and so it has held my mostly visual interest. Typing is much faster than handwriting, too!

Karen L R said...

Hang in there Vivien!

Blogging provides moments of rest, inspiration, "ah ha" moments, a global sense of community. All good things...

norma said...

Again, with your daughter and crutches! I thought this was all over. Poor her and poor you, this has to be the end of it.
I also wonder why I blog and I haven't done much of it lately. I don't get many comments so I doubt that my readership is many. But it is a way to share what I've done with friends and relatives far away. I know that some of them read it.
Please don't give yours up. You write so well and your photos are always wonderful!