Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Long Arm of the Internet

A month ago I received an email I thought was spam. Someone was gathering donations for their institution's auction and would I like to participate by donating a piece of artwork? The email was well written and the links within it were real, so I asked the writer how she got my email address. As it turns out, the woman in question is an art quilt supporter and had seen my piece, Together II, on the SAQA 2009 auction webpage. She liked the piece, felt that it conveyed a spirit of cooperation, and hoped I would consider making a similar piece for the Smithsonian National Zoo's auction this spring. She felt it would be a good fit to the conservation message they are advocating.


After I got over the initial shock, I said yes. I'm so flattered that someone was willing to work so hard to get in touch with me. This is a great example of how the internet can work in our favor as artists. I'm thrilled that SAQA still has this page accessible to interested parties. And now, perhaps, someone new will see my artwork and become a patron (a girl can dream!).

Here's Together II. I'll be working on Together III in the coming weeks so I can have it in Washington in time.

P.S. You might read about this experience in the upcoming fundraising letter from SAQA to support their website. Please give as generously as you can because, hey, you never know!


Karen L R said...

it's all really quite amazing, isn't it? this interconnected web we are weaving...congrats, vivien!

Natalya Aikens said...

congrats! it is amazing! and you're such a kind soul...you just can't bring yourself to say it can you....so I will - wish your name was spelled correctly in the letter!

Kristin L said...