What's Happening Here..

We started celebrating a few days ago when my parents arrived from Chicago. My mom and I have now baked most of the day and the house smells sweet, sweet, sweet! Presents are under the tree and all seven of us are wondering which gift, as per our tradition, we'll open tonight. Sometimes, it's a little embarrassing to see just how blessed we are.

And now, just in case I don't get a chance to blog over the coming days, I wish you all happiness, love, laughter and health during this festive season and in the new year. Thank you for joining me on my blog.


wlstarn said…
Made the Apple-Cranberry tart today. Smelled great!
Happy Holidays Viv.....I can smell the delicious baking all the way over here in my neck of the woods.
laura west kong said…
Hope your holidays were the best!