Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art Class Week 4

In today's art class we were all given the same "assignment" in our hour-long draws. In the first hour, our easels were bunched up around the model's head and feet in order to to practice foreshortening. I'm relatively pleased with the results since I find foreshortening very hard to do. The kindly older gentleman next to me said he liked my drawing, especially the pillow. He felt I captured that very well. Hmmm, too bad it's a figure drawing class, not a still-life class. Still, I'll take a compliment where I can get it.

For our second drawing we were supposed to focus on either the shadows or the bright highlights on the model's body. The aim was to suggest the entire figure without actually drawing it all. This is a bit too advanced for me, so I was given leave to practice proportion and encouraged to use a white chalk to emphasize the lightest areas. Oh my gosh, were there remarkable drawings at the end of class! I did get a classroom compliment on how I did the model's knee (yippee!), but I immediately erased the head I had drawn since everyone agreed my picture would be better without one. It's pretty funny to think that losing my head was the right thing to do! Decapitated was better than whole, in this case.


FunkyC said...

Your drawings are lovely! Foreshortening is very difficult for me too.

Natalya said...

you did great!!!

Vivian said...

Well done! I love drawing ... it is such a peaceful activity ... especially when you get to the point when you relax and let it happen. Enjoy your course.