Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Face only a Mother Could Love

One late afternoon while on vacation, we happened upon a mother boar and her baby; they were literally wallowing in the mud. We got as close as we felt we safely could without frightening them away. I wanted to get closer for a better picture, but thank heavens I didn't! About eighteen inches away from me, hidden by the reeds at the bottom of the picture, was a HUGE male boar. He popped out of the reeds to run away as we were leaving. I'm so glad he didn't feel threatened or he might have turned around and charged. Whew! That was a bit of excitement.


Michigoose said...

Where did you see the boar, Vivien?
Lisa Q.

Vivien said...

We saw the boar in the hills of Carmel Valley while we were on vacation.

norma said...

I think they can be nasty. It's a good thing he retreated instead of charging.