Friday, March 6, 2009

Blue Glue Part Deux

This morning, I finally returned to my glue gel resist sample. (I've been working this week on a piece for the Quilting Arts 2010 Calendar contest that was due today. I can't post a picture yet; we'll see what happens.) Here is what I've learned so far from my blue glue experiment:

1. The glue in the center of the flower and where the petals meet did not come out on its own, despite the fact I soaked it in water for 20 minutes and put it through two cycles in the washing machine. I had to take a brush and scrub it all away. I guess I was too heavy handed.

2. The flat textile paint wasn't damaged by the scrubbing, but the metallic paint in the center of the flower didn't fare so well. A lot of the circles peeled off. I suppose I've now learned that metallic paint sits much more on the surface of the fabric. I guess the metallic element of the paint doesn't get absorbed by the fibers of the fabric.

The flower looked a little boring since so much of the center had been scrubbed away, so I decided to use my paintsticks to spruce it up a bit. I rubbed over sequins waste in the center, a wavy textured paper on the red petals, and a textured stamp on the yellow petals. I think this looks much more fun.

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Suzanne said...

I intended to try this too, but haven't yet. Your experience will be helpful. Thanks for talking about it. Your painted fabrics in general are LUSCIOUS!